Biomedical Innovations

Processing Capabilities

We can help create various devices
for a variety of medical departments and procedures

  • Injection Molding

    Biomedical Innovations' injection molding machines range from 10 tons to 170 tons. We focus on low to medium volume production in three areas:

    • High Precision Molding using engineered plastics such as PC, PSU, PPO, PEI, PA and LCP.
    • Over-molding and full encapsulation of metal components using commodity resins, engineered plastics, and thermoplastic elastomers.
    • Over-molding of plastic components and cables with a variety of thermoplastic elastomers.

    Biomedical Innovations utilizes scientific molding principles to evaluate molds and facilitate process characterization, operational qualifications, and performance qualifications, before releasing a process to production.

    Wire & Cable Extrusion

    Our extrusion department specializes in short run and fast turn around fabrication of electrical cables to be used in medical devices. Engineers optimize materials and layouts to meet mechanical, thermal, electrical, and sterilization requirements. We are highly competent in designing and fabricating electrical cables for subsequent over molding processes.


  • From prototyping to mass production, Biomedical Innovations has a variety of cutting technologies to provide cost effective components or finished devices. Additionally our process development and automation teams can provide custom solutions to better suit your project. Our cutting capabilities include:
    • XY Lasers
    • High Speed Lasers
    • Rotary Die Cutting
    • Sheet Fed Die Cutting
    • Ultrasonic Cutting

  • Biomedical Innovations is vertically integrated with a state-of-the-art tool shop capable of fabricating insert and injection molds as well as assembly and test fixtures. The use of MasterCam allows seamless data transfer from any CAD model to our equipment. We also machine prototypes and handle short production runs.

    Equipment Resources Include:

    • EDM
    • Swiss Screwmachine
    • CNC Milling Center
    • CNC Lathe
    • Bridgeport Milling Machines
    • Grinders
    • Saws
    • Heat Treat Equipment