Because of Biomedical Innovations’ origins as a specialty electrode manufacturer we have developed unparalleled expertise in body worn sensors that has made us a market leader in Wearables.  With extensive manufacturing capabilities that allows us to handle everything from prototyping to full automation and everything in between.  Some of our manufacturing equipment capabilities that have been highly specialized for custom manufacture of Wearables are:

  • Injection molding
  • Various printing technologies
  • Rotary web converting & multi-layer laminations
  • Hydrogel processing
  • Precision die cutting
  • High speed laser cutting
  • Thermal forming

Our Project Management Teams ensure your product reaches maximum potential from prototype to complete automation for global commercialization from just one company.

From Prototype to Commercialization, Your Total Solution

  • Seamless Collaboration across all stakeholders utilizing our expertise and your know how
  • Creative Problem Solving to achieve desired end results
  • Constant Communication from initial scope of work to final phases to keep project objectives aligned with your business goals
  • Secure and Confidential use of information protecting your intellectual property
  • Design for Manufacture considered at the earliest steps of every project
  • Process design ensuring Reliability and Repeatability whether ramping up your concept to commercialized design or contract manufacturing of an already established product