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The MOHF is a novel filter system for microbiological laboratory examination. It is primarily used for the determination of bacteria count in aqueous solutions. The filter has been developed in collaboration with a leading microbiological research institute in an extensive series of experiments.


  • Fill Volume: 100ml
  • Membrane Diameter: 47mm - choice of membrane type
  • Pre-sterilized
  • Compatible with most established vacuum bars
  • Housing Material: Polypropylene

Due to the patented double wall design there is a significant handling advantage in comparison to competitive products. The novel design of the bottom section makes removal of the membrane filter fast and easy. The circular rim is integrated preventing contamination of the vacuum bar. The design allows for freedom to select any filter media out of a wide option of filter membranes and prefilters. This allows you to choose the right membrane or combination of membranes for your application.

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